Images of soup should have a simplified color pallet and more unified camera angles.  Elements in the background should have the same color of the soup or be desaturated. The look and feel of the lighting should be soft and smooth.

Imagery of soup being prepared in a kitchen sprinkled through out the site would be a nice touch. 

Photo Examples below.

Animated Soup

The website for Brass Tack Portland, LINK, has a really interesting use of animated Gifs. Something like this could be interesting with soup bowels. 


A 1:30 minute video showing ingredients being prepared while telling the story of the founders journey to creating Portland Kettle. What were their inspirations? Why soup? What do they want people to take away when they try their soup for the first time? What are they most excited about?

I think this story would be the center piece to the site when it first loads. 


Do a silly ad made to be cheesy and humorous.  I think this could be a good tool to advertise on social media.