My Origin Story

I moved to Portland in 2003 to help open an office for a medical supply company. Their main business was adult diapers and they sold a lot of them. After about a year in the new office, which was actually I in Tigard, I was crossing South West Burnside on my bike when was hit from behind by a CITY BUS! The whole thing happened really quickly. I drifted to close to the edge of the crosswalk and I heard the heavy whine of disk brakes, I looked behind me and instantly knew there wasn’t enough time to even try to get out of the way.

The bus shot me across four lanes of traffic and as I was flying through the air I thought about how I had been wasted my life selling adult diapers. That short flight, while it only took a few seconds, felt like half an hour. the whole time I was sure that my life was over. When I landed and it turned out my life wasn’t over I called a friend come to get me and the next day I quit my job and started on a journey to follow my passion for video production.

You can email me at…
dustymccord at gmail dot com