Creative, self motivated video professional dedicated to staying ahead of rapidly changing trends. Quickly acclimates to new software titles and excels in solving complex technical issues in stressful situations. Effectively manages time on solo projects, while working collaboratively in a team in order to meet tight deadlines.  Exercises flexibility and initiative in delivering a creative, timely, and high quality end to end solution to demanding clients. 


Nike Commercial Content Center of Excellence - Media Producer             2011 - 2016

  • Produce about 18 sales videos quarterly for Go-To-Market and Sell Through. On the Go to Market timeline these videos are used by Nike account executives around the world to learn and help sell products to large accounts. On the Sell Through timeline these videos are used to help retailers educate sales associates.
  • Produce 20 to 30 app video assets every quarter 
  • Assist in providing creative direction for videos used in apps and showrooms
  • Responsible for shooting Interviews, product beauty shots,  apparel on model in both studio and on location
  • Responsible for editing 2 to 5 videos a season; includes music selection, titles and animations
  • Oversee hiring freelance crew members and gear ordering for 3-4 weeks of shooting each production cycle
  • Oversee the organization of all digital assets, assisting other freelance editors with technical issues, and making sure edits are getting done on time and on budget 
  • Continuously working to streamline post production workflows of up to 7 terabytes of footage each quarter, as well as review processes that includes upwards of 40 contributors
  • Plan and implement upgrades to servers, NAS systems, computer systems, cameras and related gear
  • Collaborate with creative directors, writers, and designers to make the most of limited budgets and tight deadlines


Freelance Director of Photography                                                            2014 - 2016

  • Help organize and shoot some online consumer facing pieces 
  • Clients include, Cinco Design, Wyzurd, EA Games, Poster Child Media


Freelance Compositing - Motion Graphics                                                 2009-2011

  • Create multi-screen interactive animations for video installations with limited oversight and direction 
  • Remove unwanted objects from complex stop motion animation scenes
  • Perform compositing/motion graphics duties under tight constraints with a fixed deadline for interactive social networking advertisements
  • Clients include but not limited to Joint Editorial, Downstream: Design & Technology, Nike, Bent Image Lab, Central Planning


Freelance Video Editing                                                                                  2007-2011

  • Establish uniform file management system resulting in increased efficiency and collaboration among multiple editors
  • Organize large multi-cam exercise videos, video projects embedded into games, and web series for and the first version of the Nike Women’ app.
  • Oversee finishing and delivery of final deliverables
  • Clients include but not limited to Joint Editorial, Nike, Downstream: Design & Technology, Mutt Creative, Midu Creative, Mike Lay Productions, Central Planning

Freelance Video Compressionist                                                                   2010-2011

  • Responsible for clean play back and over all video quality
  • Work closely with software developers and installation staff to export large batches of videos for multi-screen installs and embedded interactive environment
  • Clients include but not limited to Downstream: Design & Technology, Nike


Freelance On set DIT                                                                                       2009-2011

  • Ensure playback and high data integrate of all footage
  • Clients include but not limited to Don’t Act Big, Nike, Sockeye, Mike Lay Productions, Central Planning, Radical Media, Kaicon, 


Freelance Camera Utility / Assistant                                                          2009 – 2011

  • Work closely with Director of Photography to labeled tapes, ensured all batteries are charged, and that no gear is lost or damaged. 


Freelance Production Assistant                                                                   2005 - 2009

  • Work on a verity of production in environments including but not limited to large feature films, national car commercials, reality TV, late night long form infomercials, and small internal videos.